What is the Technique used for Filter Paper Discs?

Paper disc filters can be effectively used in laboratories, medical centers, and chemical plants to carry out filtration, diffusion, and sensitivity determination tests. These filters create a semi-permeable barrier to liquid or air flow. The selectivity of permeability depends majorly on the size of the particles passing through.

Properties of disc paper filters:
Disc paper filters are very useful for various laboratorial experiments because of the following unique properties:
  • These filters can be made with various raw materials such as quartz fibers, wooden fibers or carbon
  • Size and thickness varies depending on the raw material used and the purpose for which the filters are needed
  • These filters are selectively permeable to small sized particles
  • They are ideal to be impregnated with different reagents to carry out pH, diabetes, urea, and pregnancy detection tests.

Technique used for filter paper discs: The technique used for filter paper discs is known as ‘depth filtration technique’. Parameters like adsorption, absorption, chemical properties of the liquid, particle size, mechanical retention, viscosity of the fluid, pH of the liquid, thickness of paper all affect the filtration capacity and permeability of disc paper filters.
Based on the aforementioned factors, the particles pass through the filter paper and the sediment forms a ‘cake layer’ in the upper part of the disc. As the thickness and density of this sediment increases, the filtration process slows down.

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