Polypropylene Filter for A Top-Notch Filtration System

At Warco Inc, we believe in performance driven products. And this belief also percolates to our manufacturing systems that churn out products for the most critical processes. Our polypropylene filter range is defined by their superior micron retention ratings for the most intricate processes.

Take for instance Warco Inc’s Chemtrex™ pleated cartridges that are available in various configurations. To meet different requirements, we offer two varieties of filters—double open end filters and single open end filters. Their performance is accentuated by the fact that this range comprises thermally bonded polypropylene filter. This in turn provides consistent process control from 0.45 to 120 microns absolute BETA-5000 at 99.9% efficiency or even more.

Coming back to our general polypropylene filter offerings, our design team has worked on innovative measures to ensure easy maintenance of these filters—so the filters are easily washable. Should you need to go in for replacements at any point, retrofits are easily available too.
Our filters are best suited for the chemical industry mainly because they come equipped with high temperature-resistant fiber that comes with excellent chemical resistance. Following are some of other most common applications of our polypropylene filter range:

*Food handling
*Liquid industry
*Detergent industry
*Metal finishing
*Waste water treatment industries

One of the biggest advantages of the polypropylene and sanitary filters is that they are corrosion proof. You, as a customer benefit immensely from this because you can enjoy years of trouble-free service without costly relining of metallic housings. However, we would advise against the use of these filters with oxidizing agents and with materials above the temperatures of 90 degrees centigrade.

We also offer a range of sanitary filters to meet different requirements. While this is just an overview of our polypropylene filter offerings, we request you to visit our website www.warcoinc.net for more specific details of our products.

Wine Filters for Purification Purposes

Wine filters are required for purification and refinement processes. They are used at various stages including the coarse mash to final stage filtration and tuning finished grades. The lenticular filter delivers simply superb performance and ease of maintenance in the purification process of wine. Warco Inc. manufactures high end filtration equipment that meets food grade and pharmaceutical specifications. We strictly adhere to the most stringent industry standards including material grades and surface polishing. All Warco products are carefully checked for finished quality and performance compliance.

For application assistance, log on to www.warcoinc.net and submit fill in the “E-Data Sheet” or give us a call. Our technical team is standing ready to determine the suitable wine filters design and system for your process requirements. Filtration protects the quality of your finished product which will result in reducing your operational costs for a rapid R.O.I. You can be assured oflong cycle life with Warco filters based upon the high grade materials and workmanship. 

Teflon Filter for Advanced Filtration

Teflon filters are the technology of choice for precise sub-micron filtration or optimal chemical resistance. Teflon membrane filter elements maintain efficiency ratings, even in extremely corrosive process solutions. Warco, Inc manufactures such filters with total precision. Our Teflon line is ideal for use in all kinds of industrial chemical or bio-hazardous liquid and air filtration applications. Quality and purity is most critical with absolute rated filtration products. Warco can meet your most challenging filtration requirements including submicron precision, severe corrosives, elevated temperatures or ultra-high purity.

Our technical team is present that will help in buying the right type of filtration media. Warco, Inc also manufactures a complete line of sanitary filter vessels. For corrosive applications, Warco ETFE lined teflon filter vessels withstand the harshest chemistries for years of trouble-free service. Warco’s broad filtration range can meet corrosive or high purity chemical processes or bio-hazardous liquid or air filtration. See how we can expand your process capabilities reliably and efficiently. After sale assistance is standard when you make your purchase, we strive for complete customer satisfaction. For More details visit www.warcoinc.net.