WARCO’s Polypropylene Filter Range for Unmatched Filtration

No matter how aggressive or complex your filtration application is, WARCO Inc is equipped to provide a suitable solution for all working environments. Our polypropylene filter range and PVDF pleated/bag filter systems are a result of innovative thinking coupled with robust engineering. Our thermoplastic designs offer a long service life even when they come in contact with caustic materials and demanding environments.

WARCO Inc. offers a selection of designs such as standard cartridge, horizontal disc filters, powder or granular carbon systems, felt bag, high capacity pleated designs and many new filter advancements.

The Chemtrex™ pleated filter cartridges deserve special mention for their high performance. Available in a wide variety of micron retention ratings ranging from 0.45 to 120 microns absolute, these filters are suitable for applications with a temperature range below 90 degrees centigrade. These filters are available in double-open-ended or single-open-ended designs. We recommend these pleated filter cartridges as an effective replacement for your SOE 226 elements.

These polypropylene filter cartridges are available in 2.5” to 2.75” x 10”, 20”, 30” & 40” lengths. Do remember to ask us for the very efficient and long lasting Chemtrex™ retrofits.

Our polypropylene filter cartridges range demonstrates excellent chemical resistance, which makes it ideal for various filtration applications in the chemical industry. Other major applications include handling food, oil, chemical, liquid and detergents.

WARCO Inc’s disc filter media range is also much sought after in the chemical and metal finishing industry. Our disc filters are highly compatible with operations such as electroplating, metal treatment, waste effluent polishing and powder carbon treatment, among other applications.

To learn more about our polypropylene filters, please visit us at www.warcoinc.net. Backed by WARCO Inc’s advanced filtration and pumping systems, your process experiences enhanced efficiency, safety, and quality.